Our Alliances

At more than 40 universities throughout Germany, the SDS is active in university politics. We all work for a fundamental social transformation of the university and the society. Furthermore, we are active in several alliances such as the Anti-Höcke-Bündnis,  International Women’s Day and many more. Additionally, we are represented in the Kurdistan-solidarity-plenum and participate in campaigns against right-wing politics in the federal state of Hesse and Germany. We also support refugees and we are involved in the Blockupy-protests – just to name a few.


On top of that, two of our members are elected members of the city council as part of the electoral alliance Marburger Linke. Thus, we have the chance to articulate the interests of all students in the StuPa, in the AStA, in the Senate, on the city politics level and, of course, on the street. We seek to combine all these political spaces in a positive way.

Because: Fundamental social change can only succeed when many players are involved and work together. The SDS tries to unite their campaigns and offers a representation of their interests that not only focus on everyday politics but have the society as a whole in mind.