The consistent fight against the right, antifeminism and authoritarian thinking

Anti-facism was and still is a necessity. Especially if people who are running from war, suffering and poverty are declared as a problem and become a "crisis" for society it is our responsibility as students to counteract the right-wing political developments. For many years the shelters of refugees are being attacked. The AfD which emerges to be openly fascistic is elected into parliaments all over Germany. Meanwhile, the CDU/CSU, the SPD and others deport masses of people, some of them into certain death
Fraternities are a specific manifestation of right-wing tendencies within the university. They can be seen as an intellectual nucleus of modern right-wing radicalism. We as SDS oppose them resolutely. It is essential that the student body and especially the AStA supports and executes anti-facist work. Anti-facism is not only theory but has to become practical action. How does it help to discuss about theories on facism if nobody stops NPD or AfD demonstrations? For us it is important to offer opposition and to deny facists any room within society. Recent demonstrations have shown that the majority of Marburg's people does not welcome any facists. In addition to that facist and right-wing movements criticize feminist research and gender equality politics. They proclaim that these kind of politics cause a social division and discrimination of men. Existing relations of power and subordination along class, "race" and gender are supposed to be maintained. We have to oppose these claims to acknowledge and expand the achievements of past feminists.