Antifascism is more than just theory!

Antifascism was and always will be a necessity. Especially when people fleeing from war, suffering and poverty are made to be the problem themselves and are seen as “crisis” in a societal consensus it is also our task as students to make a stand against the political shift to the right. The AfD enters parliaments meanwhile CDU, SPD and Co. are deporting large quantities of people, some of them into their safe death. In the year 2016 more than 900 attacks on refugee’s homes occurred.


A special manifestation of rightwing and extreme rightwing tendencies at the university are Studentenverbindungen, especially Burschenschaften. We as SDS stand determined against them. Therefore it is nessesary that the student union and it's executive part, the AStA, supports antifascist education and fights again. But the current coaltion hold their internal sectiarian fights for much more important. The awakening of the far right appears to be insignificant for them.To add insult to injury: they increasingly intervere and attack the work of the local antifascist groups. This has to cease!

Antifascism is not only theory but also practice! What is the use of theoretical debates about fascism if nobody prevent demonstrations of the far right? It is important to us to show resistance and to try to prevent such fascist self presentation by all means available.

Whether in the university or on the streets: STAND AGAINST FASCISTS !