University politics concern you too!

For example in form of (changed) examination regulations at the university department that bring more examination requirements, compulsory attendance or quick removal from the register of students. Or of a point and achievement system that holds studying in numbers and destroys the space for self-determined learning. With our work in education politics we're trying to take back a piece of said space. The impacts of the neo-liberal restructuring of the university's system (among others bachelor and master) are visible everywhere. Therefore an organized representation of students interests is even more important to make a stand against the thinking of only efficiency. This is also a union's fight so a close cooperation with unions is important to us. Because of the SDS's dedication in university politics it is possible to support the diverse forms of solidarity, ecological and antifascist spaces of action and living same as progressive groups in Marburg personally and financially. In the AStA we are active in the following fields:

  • Counseling in cases of (financial) hardship
  • University politics
  • Social matters / living / health
  • Antifascism / antiracism
  • Traffic
  • Critical studies
  • General directorate (of the student union)