Critical studies - the theory’s practice

The approach - being free from value judgments as guarantor for objec- tivity - applies*to both natural scientific and socio-scientific findings.  In such descriptively aligned studies the theoretical cementation of the power and rule systems is inevitable.

Coactive theory and practice must have the goal to “to overthrow all those conditions in which one is an abased, enslaved, abandoned, contemptible being.” [translated from MEW 1, p.385]


Therefore SDS.dielinke Marburg considers itself committed to different lines of tradition in critical studies to counter this common understanding of science. That includes a diverse consideration of all dimensions of rule and servitude and therefore must bring marxist, feminist, post-structuralist, inter- sectional and generally approaches critical towards power into the scientific discourse to draft an adequate critisism of society.

Also the economization of the university - efficiency, exploitation and funding cuts - can not take effect for but rather against the realization of critical studies and must therefore be fought determinedly by the students.

Our goal is the preservation and the increased establishment of critical studies. To achieve it we work with critical scientists and students, organize lectures and fight in rallies and demonstrations against the reduction of critical studies in Marburg.