More housing space for students!

The city and the University of Marburg are proud that the number of students is steadily increasing. We are glad about that, too, since everyone has the right to education. However, it is problematic when the city and the state do not do justice to the changes that come with it and fail to provide affordable housing space for all students. Those who have to stay at an emergency accommodation at the beginning of the semester will most likely move to the outskirts of the city or have to take an overpriced apartment.


The members of the city council hardly take the students’ housing and social situation into consideration. Instead supporting public housing projects, they rather build congress centers and malls and destroy affordable residential properties. Due to the housing shortage, raised extra charges and graduated rents, the accommodation costs in the city center are dramatically increasing.

Thus, students are by tendency pushed to the periphery (gentrification). In order to promote students’ housing culture, it is necessary to follow a building policy that establishes affordable and valuable housing space in the center, close to the University, for everyone. Besides that, self-administered projects like the Bettenhaus are essential to a vivid students’ living culture and therefore more than worthy of promotion.

The presence of the SDS in the AStA and in the city council enables synergy effects. They can be used to articulate our interests in the public and to fight for more social housing space and against subtle gentrification processes.