Affordable and decent housing

The city of Marburg as well as the University are proud to see the number of students growing constantly. We are also happy to see these developments because every person has the right to education. Problems occur if the city, the federal state of Hessia and the StudWerk fail to address the changing realities of unaffordable living for all students. If you have been living in an emergency accomodation at the beginning of the semester you will likely end up in the suburbs or in an overpriced room. 
Local politics does not account for the living and social conditions of students who want to study or are already studying in Marburg. Nonexisting housing, the rise in utility expenses as well as graduated rent cause the prices of living to rise immensly. This leads to further push students to the suburbs of Marburg (gentrification).
To support students it is necessary for politics to provide everyone with valuable and affordable housing within the inner city and close to university. Besides that projects like the "Bettenhaus" have to be encouraged and enhanced.
Due to the establishment of the SDS within the student body and the city council we can use synergy effects to illustrate the students interest in good and affordable housing publicly. Using this we can pressure people in power to invest into public housing and against processes of gentrification.