Mobility and Solidarity

The Marburger Semesterticket with its enormous scope inclusive the using of the IC-Train and the bicycle rental-system “Call a Bike” ensures mobility at any time in Marburg and beyond for all students.

SDS.dielinke Marburg wants to preserve the Semesterticket, based on the students’ need, in its present extent and seeks to expand the bicycle rental-system.
We see the Semesterticket as an important achievement that not only benefits all students but also makes environmental friendly transport like bus, train or bicycle more attractive than motorized individual transport.


The Marburger Semesterticket is financed with the help of a Model of Solidarity. This means that every student finances the Semesterticket as part of the semester due. With the involvement of all the ticket is cheaper for everyone.

We are aware of the excessive demand for small purses with the solidary funding of the Semesterticket. Because of that we understand solidarity in this context as two-pronged: Students who do not have enough money to pay for their own Semesterticket can claim a refund of their dues and still use the Semesterticket in its full extent. This is made possible by the Härtefalleuro financed by all students as part of the semester due. With that, redistribution in favor of impoverished students is achieved. Since many applications were filed and granted during the last legislation, the necessity of this instrument of university policy is proved.

Within the fare structure of the public transport, including many com- mercial traffic enterprises and the private oriented but public DB AG (German Railways), our policy is the best solution. Neverthless, we favor a free public local and long-distance traffic which serves the common good without any economic interests.
In summary, our engagement in terms of traffic and hardship case is along the lines of the motto “mobility needs solidarity”.