Continued solidary financing of the students ticket

We think that the students ticket is a remarkable achievement, which enables every student to move within Hessia and beyond. In addition to this the students ticket gives the option to switch to ecofriendly means of transport. The goal for the future should be a shift away from car traffic towards public transportation. Sustainability and the mobility of lower-income classes are two reasons to support the continuation of the students ticket. Furthermore, the students ticket is one of the most efficient ways to tackle climate change in Hessia. On the one hand less students use their own car (around 50% less since 2000) and on the other hand we witness the expansion of the public transportation sector. This developement needs to be assisted even more. That is why we support the construction of a tram between city center and Lahnberge to accomodate around 20.000 commuters every day.
The students ticket is financed by every student which allows for a lower price for all. We know about those that struggle to even pay for this ticket. For this reason we fought for the implementation of a payback possibility for those who cannot afford the ticket. These people are able to enjoy the benefits of the ticket thanks to the funding of the rest. All in all this allows for a redistribution of ressources towards students within precarious situations. The growing demand for refunding confirms the necessity of such an instrument.
The realization of free transportation for all which is coupled with public welfare remains our overarching goal. Therefore, the slogan for our commitment is "Mobility needs solidarity".