Sustainable mobility through support of public transport, bike and pedestrians

Traffic jams in the cities and the recent emission scandals coupled with the intensifying climate change are just a couple of reasons to think of new forms of transportation. For decades it has been proven that humans, society and the whole planet suffers from these developements. Sustainable mobility is therefore the attempt to improve living conditions while simultaneously reducing pollution. At the heart of the problem hereby are cars that most call their own. Municipalities have many options to support the trend of sustainable mobility. The facilitation of infrastructure for bicycles, carsharing, free public transport for all and many other ideas aren't utopias anymore but possible measures to build a social and ecofriendly city. Marburg is also among those cities that could further exhaust its possibilities. After getting elected we want to urge the university of Marburg to use its weight in local politics to enforce the implementation of a sustainable mobility. At the moment, Marburg has one of the most jammed public transports in Hessia. It is unacceptable that local politicians don't want to tackle this problem but rather argue that this situation is very cost efficient and therefore good for the city. Meanwhile, we are witnessing traffic jams all over the city every day and especially in the northern part of Marburg. For this reason, it is crucial to extend public transport and convince people to change the way they use their cars. This way we are also able to protect the health of everyone.